About "100 Professors"

"100 Professors" was formed recently. This is a group of companies combining innovative and best clinics in Ukraine. They provide excellent medical service in many areas. The group includes a travel agency. At its base are solved all the questions on travel services.


  • In the XXI century, a wonderful new product appeared. It is associated with what is commonly referred to as medical tourism. There is a real opportunity to travel between the countries of the world to improve own health. This is based on the fact that significantly different prices for medical services. The same medical services may cost differently depending on the general price level in the country;

  • new directions of medicine appear. They are not developed in all countries of the world. Moving to treatment in another place can make the service available. This is good news;

  • the world is open. You can travel to various countries not for traditional tourism only. This can be done for treatment. This is a recent novelty. In Ukraine, the optimal ratio of price and quality of treatment. Private clinics of Ukraine are organized at a very high level. Used modern medical equipment. Doctors were trained in Western countries. Medical tourism offers a new chance at health. Welcome to the Ukraine!



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