Accommodation in Kiev

From 20 euro. Huge range on hotels


In Kiev, a large number of hotels. Price spectrum is very large. It is possible to settle from 25 up to 200 or more US dollars per night. Depending on the wishes of the tourist will be picked up the best accommodation option.

By “the best” we mean the following:


  • Strict adherence to prices for tourists. There is always a choice of hotels at a certain price;

  • Selection of a hotel depending on exactly where the treatment will take place. It makes sense to minimize the movement from the hotel to the clinic. Kiev is a big city;

  • Choosing a hotel in a specific area of the city and depending on the wishes of the tourist. This may be the central part of Kiev or its periphery. The central part of Kiev is very interesting. But this is the centre of a multi-million city. The inevitable noise is associated with it. Kiev's periphery is often associated with silence. In Kiev, a lot of green areas. Living in such a zone may also be a desirable option.


A separate type of accommodation associated with private apartments. As a rule, this is a new apartment in a high-rise building. There is everything necessary for life. Comfortable kitchen. Shower. There is always a hot and cold running. This option is most suitable for families. Prices start 22 euro. This is the price for an apartment, not for a person.


In general, there is a large range of hotels in Kiev. These are economy class hotels and five star hotels. We will help you choose any comfortable option. It does not take much time. There is always a convenient option (price and location of the hotel).

Please see the link. This is one of the options for finding a place to stay in Kiev. For many hotels we have special prices. Ordering them through our travel agency, you will get the best prices.


It is important that the hotel will be selected according to the specific location of your treatment in Kiev. It will be possible to save a lot of time and effort on the optimal movement around the city.

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