Check-up "Endocrinologist"


The thyroid gland is an organ of the endocrine system that provides regulation of the hormonal system. Environmental factors, iodine deficiency - all this can affect the functioning of the thyroid gland, thus affecting the body as a whole. To maintain the overall health of the whole body, it is necessary to monitor the health of the thyroid gland. That is why we have developed a package offer for you. It can provide control of the health of the endocrine system and reveal the slightest disruptions or deviations in it.


  • Reception of the endocrinologist
  • Thyroid Ultrasound
  • Blood sampling
  • Blood test deployed (vi)
  • Repeated doctor's appointment (recommendations)

Check-up "Gastroenterologist "           99 Euro

Check-up " Gynecologist"                     120 Euro

Check-up " Women's Health"               195 Euro

Check-up " Heart OK"                         79 Euro

Check-up " Cardiovascular system"     250 Euro

Check-up "Proctologist 45+"               120 Euro

Check-up " Urologist"                          120 Euro

Check-up " Men's Health"                   185 Euro

Check-up " Veins and vessels"            120 Euro

Check-up " Endocrinologist"               99 Euro

Check-up "40+ Women" .                     370 Euro

Check-up "40+ Men"                            310 Euro

Check-up Annual "No worries"            137 Euro

Price in 2019 

99 Euro

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