Tours in Kiev

All excursions prepared specially for guests of MedTour Ukraine. We are not in a hurry. Your guide will never look at his watch. This is an individual service or service for a very small group. We understand that people can be of different ages. They are not always very healthy. But they continue to visit beautiful and interesting places. Why not?

The banks of the Dnieper (boat trip)


To be in Kiev and do not ride on the river ... This is simply impossible. The Dnieper is one of the mighty rivers of Europe. Beautiful shores. We sail along the coast and see a lot of interesting things. It will be important and the story of what he saw. The tour can be implemented in various ways. There is a large selection of boats. Everything is comfortable. Excursion kind of can be compared with watching TV. The only difference is that everything is real.

1 guest – 25 euro

2 guests – 20 euro

3 guests – 18 euro

4 and more guests – 16 euro

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