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FREE Phone communication: Ukraine - World


After arriving in another country, a completely natural desire is associated with a phone call. This is common to all people.

Medical tourism in Ukraine is aimed at people from all over the world. Tourists can be from the UK, numerous countries in Europe, Pakistan, China and other countries. Everyone has one question - which international telephone companies work most successfully in Ukraine?

We recommend using the services of Vodafone and Lyca. They have excellent coverage in Ukraine. In Kiev, the service of these companies causes no doubts.


Worth seeing links. They provide information on the service in Ukraine. Information in English.

Vodafone .  https://www.vodafone.ua/en

Lyca . https://www.lycamobile.ua/en/lycamobile-ukraine


We provide free starter packs on Vodafone and Lyca. These packages provided to our guests literally by the plane. It packs focused on international calls. You will be able to make your first call from Ukraine just a few minutes after landing at Boryspil (Kiev airport).

If necessary, a mobile smart phone can be provided. This is no problem. If you need a) starting package in Ukraine and b) another phone for the duration of your stay in Ukraine do not forget to specify it.


Everything will be done. Enjoy your flight!


In a big city it's hard to live without a subway. Often it is not only and not so much the most economical type of transport. He and the most convenient transportation. In particular, when moving in the center of Kiev is to use the subway. In particular, it is recommended for tourists. They do not quite know the city well. Using the metro is a great option for convenience and time. Do not get lost. Do not lose time.


Our gift number 2 is an unlimited travel ticket for the Kiev. 

Enjoy the city and improve your health.


Note. Metro is interesting from an architectural point of view. Most of the stations were built during the Soviet period. This is part of the history of architecture. Kiev Metro is reminiscent of the Moscow Metro. That is luxury stations. They were supposed to show the advantages of socialism. Now there are only stations. Socialism (communism) is in the past.

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