Our video about Kiev

The creators of the “Medical Tourism in Ukraine” website love YouTube very much. There is an opportunity to show a lot. Ukraine is a complicated state. Not everything that happens here can be perceived as something positive. But not everything in Ukraine is so bad.


An example would be private medicine. It has great success. Created a new clinics. A new generation of doctors has appeared. They received education in Ukraine and in Western universities. Purchased a large number of new equipment. Completely new attitude towards patients.


For local people, the service of private clinics is frankly expensive. It is for this reason that they are so willing to treat foreign patients. The situation reminds me of South Africa. I lived there for seven years.


Watch brief films about Ukraine. Beautiful country and nice people. Excellent professionals. Foreign patients communicate only with such people. This is their privilege.

Good luck!

Enjoy your visit to Ukraine!

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