Parasitological examination
in medicine (Kiev)

We provide comprehensive parasitological examinations of our patients. 


Parasitological examination includes examination of feces for protozoa,  worm eggs or larvae 

and for tapeworm segments, skin scrapings forarthropod parasites, 

blood samples for protozoa,  microfilariae, for plasma pepsinogen levels, 

and examination ofgross specimens.

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Prices for surveys in Kiev are about 4-6 times cheaper than in Europe. Equal equipment. Same protocols. Very educated experts with many years of experience. Private clinics of Ukraine use the European standard of operations.


Free quoting of prices for operations in Kiev can be done within 10 - 20 hours. Time depends on the load of our managers. Free quoting is done on weekdays (Monday - Friday) from 10.00 to 17.00, Kiev time. Contact us!

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