Transport in Kiev

Borispol (airport) - Kiev

Boryspil International Airport is the largest and the busiest airport in Ukraine. It provides over 67% of the passenger air traffic of Ukraine, handling over 10 million passengers per year.  Boryspil is well-located at the intersection of numerous air-routes, connecting Asia with Europe and America. Over 25 national and foreign airlines operate passenger and cargo transportation on 75 scheduled routes from Boryspil worldwide.  The Airport has two runways. The technical capacity of Boryspil airfield remains unique for Ukraine, CIS countries and the Eastern Europe. The runway 4, 000 m long and 60 m wide allows accommodation of all aircraft types 24/7 including under poor visibility conditions. Moreover, Boryspil is the only airport of Ukraine, from which scheduled transcontinental flights are operated.


Transfer from the airport Boryspil in Kiev costs from 15 up to 18 US dollars. Price depends on the location in Kiev. The price is determined for the car. The number of passengers is not more than 3 passengers in one car.

The best option is to use a taxi. We have arrangements with taxi companies. Transfer will be made at the lowest prices and with the minimum time. We will provide this type of service for you. There will be the lowest price and excellent quality of service.


The time of arrival of the aircraft at the price of a taxi service is not affected. But it affects the time on the road. If your hotel is located in the central part of Kiev, the time on the road can be a little more.

In general, travel time from Borispol airport to your hotel or clinic in Kiev will take about 50 minutes.


Metro (subway) in Kiev

For the convenience of our tourists, they will be provided with a subway ticket. In Kiev, a wonderful subway. This is one of the Soviet achievements. Beautiful and comfortable stations. In the Kiev subway is worth a ride even to look at it. It is a lot like the metro in Moscow. Everything was built at the same time and according to the same projects.


Clinic - hotel, HOTEL - CLIVIC

Moving around Kiev, associated with clinics, the most comfortable to do by taxi. It is not expensive. This guarantees arrival at the right place at the right time. We have agreements with taxi companies. There will be quality cars and knowledgeable drivers.


Each tourist will have a plan for what and at what time he should attend.

This plan will be agreed on the first day of the visit. The company manager will remind tourists of their schedule.

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