Check-up "Urologist"


The male body is more often exposed to many harmful factors that negatively affect health. Stress, irregular working hours, alcohol, smoking, all this leads to problems with the genitourinary system and disruption of the body as a whole.


For the timely diagnosis of common diseases that are often asymptomatic, comprehensive programs of male health care have been developed. They will help you to be confident in the future.


  1. The reception of the urologist

  2. Blood sampling

  3. Blood test deployed (vi)

  4. General urine analysis

  5. Smear taking

  6. Analysis of smear on the microflora in men (on the glass) (vi)

  7. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs

  8. Repeated reception of the urologist (recommendations)


Check-up "Gastroenterologist "           99 Euro

Check-up " Gynecologist"                     120 Euro

Check-up " Women's Health"               195 Euro

Check-up " Heart OK"                         79 Euro

Check-up " Cardiovascular system"     250 Euro

Check-up "Proctologist 45+"               120 Euro

Check-up " Urologist"                          120 Euro

Check-up " Men's Health"                   185 Euro

Check-up " Veins and vessels"            120 Euro

Check-up " Endocrinologist"               99 Euro

Check-up "40+ Women" .                     370 Euro

Check-up "40+ Men"                            310 Euro

Check-up Annual "No worries"            137 Euro

Price in 2019 

120 Euro

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