Check-up "Veins and vessels"


Varicose veins are one of the diseases that can be attributed to diseases of the 21st century. Sedentary lifestyle, overweight, smoking, alcohol and other negative factors affect the early development of the disease. Take advantage of the package offer and go through all the necessary research and analysis. This will help in identifying possible problems with the veins and vessels of the legs. Early diagnosis of varicose veins will allow you to prescribe treatment and stop the progression of this disease.


  1. Reception of the surgeon phlebologist

  2. Doppler ultrasound of the vessels of the lower extremities (arteries or veins)

  3. Coagulogram (vi)

  4. Blood sampling

  5. Blood test deployed (vi)

  6. Repeated doctor's appointment (recommendations)


Check-up "Gastroenterologist "           99 Euro

Check-up " Gynecologist"                     120 Euro

Check-up " Women's Health"               195 Euro

Check-up " Heart OK"                         79 Euro

Check-up " Cardiovascular system"     250 Euro

Check-up "Proctologist 45+"               120 Euro

Check-up " Urologist"                          120 Euro

Check-up " Men's Health"                   185 Euro

Check-up " Veins and vessels"            120 Euro

Check-up " Endocrinologist"               99 Euro

Check-up "40+ Women" .                     370 Euro

Check-up "40+ Men"                            310 Euro

Check-up Annual "No worries"            137 Euro

Price in 2019 

120 Euro

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