Why choose "100 Professors"?


100 Professors is a group of companies. Otherwise, it is difficult to work in modern medical tourism. Too many different types of service. Medical service, a lot of questions on management, tourism etc. Everything requires a professional approach. The question is solved on the basis of the formation of a group of companies. It is difficult, but there is no alternative.


Individualization of each individual case. We do not have any "anonymous tourist flow". We understand that the decision regarding treatment abroad is not always easy. The attitude to each patient is extremely attentive. We try to do everything at the highest quality level. In each case, a unique story - a unique person and his unique health. There will be no other.


Professional team. Everyone has a clear specialization. High level of professional training of all those who work in the Group. We work not by themselves, but as a team. Professionalism is our distinguishing feature. The work involved Professors and PhDs. This allows us to solve a number of issues at a new qualitative level.


We give the opportunity to get medical care from Professors and PhDs. This is not always possible in different countries of the world. In particular, in Europe and the USA it is just very expensive. Ukraine prices allow you to do this. All experts are "people with a face." No anonymity. The group includes experts who have worked for many years. They are recognizable in the expert community. There is no thought about poor quality service.


Experts with international experience. For many years lived in different countries of the world. Active international life continues. It gives an insight into the diversity of the Human World. This makes the group service much more understandable and useful. Understanding is important. Not everything can be described in the medical documentation.


Great enthusiasts. We work with great pleasure. Work for us is not job only, but also a hobby. Great combination. It is pleasant to communicate with people of different cultures and help in solving problems related to health. Pleasure is an integral part of our work.


Extensive communication in Ukraine. Liaising with numerous Ukrainian experts and organizations. All new medical services in Ukraine are counted. Once again we recall that high-quality medical service is combined with surprisingly competitive prices in Ukraine. Comfort and customer benefits are guaranteed.


The use of high technology work with information. Everything that is in the field of generating and distributing information is taken into account. We behave very civilized. No spam or suspicious database usage. It's nice to think that your work is protected by law. The task of competent and extremely correct spread of information is being solved.


Caring for a person. Treated not a diagnosis. Treated the Man. Rather, we help a Person in solving his health problems. Often this is not a disease, but a disease prevention. The fact that there is an opportunity to do this is extremely important. This is a great achievement of our time. For the money you can get high-quality prevention. In fact, we buy the time of our life. This is not very bad. Sometimes it seems that time is the only thing we have.


Special programs for regions of the world as the norm of MedTour Ukraine. When working in new markets, we always offer special programs. This gives additional discounts and allows quickly acquaint people in the region with the benefits of treatment in private clinics in Ukraine. Very convenient form of work and communication. There are special programs for certain diseases. Special prices for service by program. The best experts in Ukraine are involved in the implementation of the programs.


Availability of partners in various countries of the world. It is not always easy to come for treatment in another country. Our partners help in solving this issue. MedTour Ukraine is focused on the formation of numerous offices in various countries of the world. Many issues can be solved at your place of residence. It is comfortable and productive. It is always nice to speak your native language. Always pleasant to talk with people who understand you.


Life does not come down to diseases. Kiev is a very beautiful city. It is worth a visit. You will spend one week here and ...

  • for the minimum money you will spend excellent prevention of the organism;

  • cure your diseases;

  • meet interesting people;

  • discover another European country;

  • get a wonderful vacation!

Why not?


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Welcome to Kiev!

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