Work with foreign partners

Our company focuses on working with foreign partners. We believe that the best quality of medical service can be achieved only with a full understanding of the client’s culture. You need to know too much for medical services abroad to be really effective. It is not easy to arrange a person’s visit to another country to provide medical service.


For this reason, we try to look for partners in different countries. Prices indicated by us include commission partners. There is an opportunity to make an excellent business.


All questions regarding partnerships will be covered in private correspondence. We have a huge price list. There are standard contracts for partners. There is a streamlined money management system. We offer comfortable and profitable cooperation.


The company's employees have extensive experience in the USA, Germany, UK, South Africa and several other countries of the world. We perceive Western standards of business communication as the norm.


Medical service in private clinics of Ukraine opens up great opportunities. This is really high quality service and the most reasonable prices in Europe.


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